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Documentary: Richard Dawkins – Nice Guys Finish First

A BBC documentary featuring Richard Dawkins illustrating the case for one of the themes in his 1976 book, The Selfish Gene – evolution promotes a large dose of altruism and cooperation.

Nature and Humanity as Closed Systems

What do we mean when we say that nature is a closed system? To get a deeper understanding of this, we should look at a living example of one – our body. (via Nature and Humanity as Closed Systems)

#biology #science #education Nature and Humanity as Closed Systems

«Emergency» the sociological concept that groups inherit qualities not present in the individual


Symbiosis: A Surprising Tale of Species Cooperation

Different species often depend on one another. David Gonzales describes the remarkable relationship of the Clark’s nutcracker and the whitebark pine, to illustrate the interdependency known as symbiosis. (Launching a series on How Things Work)

A challenge to the commonly accepted infinite growth paradigm of the modern economy. Excerpts from the Money & Life interviews ( for the Possible Futures film contest (