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“All of the factors that are behind the Finnish success seem to be the opposite of what is taking place in the United States and much of the rest of the world, where competition, test-based accountability, standardization, and privatization seem to dominate.”

Instead of competition, Finland decided on cooperation and mutual help as a matter of policy. Students are rarely tested. Instead, they teach each other in class. Each student gets personal attention until he is on par with the other students. This attitude extends to the teachers and schools as well:

“One of the ways that teachers improve is by learning from other teachers. Schools improve when they learn from other schools. Isolation is the enemy of all improvement.” IN FINNISH LESSONS, Pasi Salhberg

The wombat speaks, and he’s smarter than you, so listen up! In less than a minute, this rapid-fire animation tells you everything you need to know about how to get along on earth for the next million years. By Jason Ables.

the cool thing about studying nature is you can’t argue w/ gravity or any other natural law for that matter.

There are a bunch of people in a boat. One of them starts drilling a hole in the boat under his seat and everyone screams, “What are you doing?!?”. The man drilling the hole says, “What business is it of yours? I’m doing this under MY seat. It doesn’t affect you.”

Source: Midrash Rabba

Nature gives blows to humanity in order to promote unity, so that we will want it voluntarily.